The starting point for this work is public space in times of Corona. The lockdown transfigured the architecture of the city into an empty theater. Cities are essentially spaces inhabitants borrow for a little while. They are here before us and here long after. Creating collages on windows, Hovers brings together The Hague’s current inhabitants and those long gone. Present and past collide in transparent collages on windows into a transfixed space of time.
Hovers uses her photographs of people present in the city today and mixes them with archival images of the collection of the Hague.

Collage contains images from the Archive of The Hague by: Charles Schouten, Th. J. de Koning, C.J.L. Vermeulen, Fotoburo Thuring, Gompers, Frederik Pelder, W.F.A. Delboy, Dienst voor de Stadsontwikkeling, N. Perscheid and other unknown photographers.

Commissioned by Stroom Den Haag.

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