Structures of Power - Working Title
Selected Works

Structures of Power, 2016 - 2017
Inkjet prints glued on linen

Steinbach paper 250 g
Photograph: 40 X 50 cm

These works deal with the materiality of traditional territory maps. For centuries cartography has served as a tool to understand one’s own position, physically as well as emotionally. It quickly became a means
for wielding political, military and economic power. Linen has a long tradition in military map-making allowing maps to be repeatedly folded and unfolded without ever ripping. These linen maps are structures of power in every sense of the meaning.

In order of appearance, from left to right:
01: Structures of Power; Globe,  Inkjet print glued on linen, 155 x 110 cm, Studio view, The Hague NL, 2016-2017 / 02: Erasmus, Inket print glued on linen 80 x 70 cm / 03: Linen maps of Belgium, Date and creator are unknown.

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