False Positives
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False Positives,
Overview B,
Timeframe: 0 min. 04

The project False Positives is about intelligent surveillance systems. These are camera’s that are said to be able to detect deviant behaviour within public space.
False Positives is set around the question of normative behaviour. It aims to raise this question by basing the project on eight different ‘anomalies’. 
These so called anomalies are sign in body-language and movement that could indicate criminal intent. It is through these anomalies the algorithms are built and cameras are able to detect deviant behaviour. The eight different anomalies were pointed out to me by several intelligent surveillance experts with whom I collaborated for this project.

Image above:
Regular patterns of movement

Left image:
Overview C,
Timeframe: 4 min. 26

Overview E,
Timeframe: 6 min. 02

Image above:
Regular patterns of movement

Right image:
Overview F,
Timeframe: 5 min. 07

Image above:
Drawing of anomaly no. 5,
'Clusters breaking apart'

Left image:
Overview I,
Timeframe: 2 min. 13

In order of appearance: 01: Drawing of Anomaly #05 Clusters Breaking Apart / 02: Overview C, Timeframe: 4 min. 26 / 03: Regular patterns of movement #01 04: Overview E, Timeframe: 6 min. 02 / 05: Regular patterns of movement #02 / 06: Overview B, Timeframe: 0 min. 04 / 07: Overview I, Timeframe: 2 min. 13 / 08: Overview F, Timeframe: 5 min. 07 / 09: Overview F, Timeframe: 5 min. 07

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