Structures Of Power

Work in Progress, selected works, 2018

26 linen works
40 x 50 cm
Inkjet prints fixed on linen.

A road map.
A tangible object desperately trying to capture something uncontrollable on paper.
An object that can be folded up over and over again.
Is it not strange to try to capture something fluid by drawing lines in grids?
Fluid, is exactly how I feel while traveling.
I don't see the grid, I simply follow the line.
Oh liberty!

Structures Of Power shows work in progress that I have been developing over the past few months.
This series focuses on the idea of an Erasmus Generation through the use of photography and traditional map making, for which linen was a key ingredient. It aims to question the liberty of travel restricted to this generation.

The portraits in this series where taken in Brussels with the help of:
Gaëlle, Nele, Bernice, Marie-Ruth, Ibrahim and Rémi.

© 2018 Esther Hovers

© 2018 Esther Hovers