Audio Dérives

  1. Press play below to start the audio.
  2. Feel free to pause at any time.
  3. Use the photographic slideshow below if you are unsure where to go next.
  4. Or view the route in googlemaps.
  5. Personal headphones are encouraged.

In Audio Dérives the audience is turned into the performer. This audio walk takes the listener from the Amstel park to Amsterdam’s financial district the Zuidas. Guy Debord’s Theory of the Dérive (1956) is introduced while reflecting on the immediate surroundings and architecture of the neighborhood. This solitary experience examines the poetry of walking in the urban environment.
Solitary walks took on a different meaning during the pandemic. While the digital realm gained dominance within our daily lives, public space became one of the few places where art could be experienced safely. Audio Dérives uses text and original music to offer a refuge from the digital space that seemed so dominant during lock-down.

Concept & Script - Esther Hovers, Editing & Recording - Hans Poel, Music & Recording - Lomar Brown, Narration - Annemarie Wadlow.

© 2024 Esther Hovers